About us: Being fit and happy!

Our core belief determines who, what and how we are every day.

At Fortitude FPI we have these core beliefs always present.
The meaning of Fortitude – Courage in Pain and Adversity, no matter what you go through in life we are always strong and with attitude to face it.


Fitness to us is a fun, high energy, positive state of body, mind and soul. It’s a place where you come to find refuge from all the realities of life and leave feeling they can overcome any obstacle presented to you.


Performance “A goal without a plan is just a wish” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
At Fortitude, every activity gets tracked and measured, we know how important it is to see progression and results. This alone is the single most powerful way to keep you working towards your fitness goals.


Institute: We understand life has its ups and downs, it’s not straight forward and its constantly challenging you.
At Fortitude we strongly believe in instructing and support you to lead a healthier and fitter life. We focus in creating and build great habits by providing tools and strategies to succeed not only in our facilities and what you do When you leave the studio will truly make a difference in achieving your objectives.