So here is the question!! If you had to chose between a fit looking trainer and a out of shape trainer who would you chose and why? Before answering that read bellow.

I am probably opening a can of worms here but let’s give it a try. If you are going to trust someone with your HEALTH in the broader term, who would you go for advice? Physiotherapist? Chiropractor? Osteopath? General Practitioner? Physical Therapist? Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner? Voodoo? Ok last one was just for fun, but what would be the criteria to choose and trust one of these practitioners guidance with your health and well being? Would it be your own believe system or just trying for what works best for what you are looking for in particular? Thing is, all of the above can give you guidance and professional help to achieve your health goals. But what if they were all OVER WEIGHT?????? Would you still trust them?

Would you trust a lawyer that has been to jail? Would you trust a Chiropractor that has back pain? Would you trust a physio that has an injury? Would you trust a doctor that has health problems, smokes and has a poor lifestyle? Finally, would you trust a Personal trainer that is out of shape????

I’m not going to start talking about the amount of qualifications each has or who is the most credible, fact is Fitness trainers are judge heavily by their appearance and in my opinion rightfully so, however, should all the other health practitioners not be judged the same? Why we judge so harshly an out of shape trainer but we accept unhealthy looking Doctor and other unhealthy practitioners? Now I am the fist to say that they should all be in great health and shape they can possibly be to increase its level of credibility, that’s not often the case and we as a society are very quick to judge.

Maybe the Doctor has health issues due to a condition out of he’s/her control, maybe the lawyer went to jail in their youth for a silly mistake, chiropractors back pain is from treating to many people and so on.

Point is, we will judge straight away if the trainer is good or not because of its shape and not what they

I am not finding an excuse for out of shape trainers as I think they should be but what if this trainer is a power lifter, ultra marathon runner or a front scrum rugby player? They could be considered out of shape but awesome at what they do, full of knowledge in that particular field and possibly able to help you in your fitness and somewhat in your health goals within their parameters of practice as a trainer of course.

For me a fitness Coach should be proof testament of what they do and what they believe in. Only then they deserve to be taken serious as fitness professionals. Only then we (me included) will be taken just as serious as all the other health practitioners that take their health and lifestyle as serious as their chosen profession.

Personally, if an unhealthy looking doctor tells me I need to lose weight and eat better I will tell him/her to stick he’s/hers opinion where the sun don’t shine.

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